Your Brain On Food-How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts & Feelings

In clear, accessible prose, Wenk, a academic of scientific discipline and neurobiology at Ohio State, offers explanations for basic brain functions whereas exploring however totally different categories of food and medicines have an effect on those functions. "By the top of the book…you are able to predict however substances I failed to discuss, and people that haven't even been made-up nevertheless, may additionally have an effect on your brain." He succeeds during this vital and tough task by specializing in the large image. He begins with decipherable and cryptic explanations of brain anatomy then moves on to elucidate however numerous neurotransmitters (such as neurotransmitter, dopamine, and norepinephrine) will act to stimulate or depress brain operate. on the method, Wenk addresses a bunch of fascinating topics, like potential treatments for Alzheimer's, why an equivalent drug will have opposite effects in high versus low doses, and why addiction is thus tough to beat. He additionally discusses why just about all of the over-the-counter supplements enhancing brain operate square measure useless. The book, each gratifying and informative, can stimulate readers' brains. thirty b&w photos, thirty b&w illus. (Aug.)

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"An fully fascinating scan (or book) peppered with gems of peculiar data on however sure foods, plants, plant toxin and medicines (legal and illegal) alter the terribly essence of your brain cells' functioning and therefore your behavior and mood. do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading it."
—Jean critic, author of Your Miracle Brain and a hundred easy belongings you will Do to forestall Alzheimers and Age-Related blackout.

"Your Brain on Food provides ample and vital food for thought during a delightfully written reader-friendly vogue. Kernels of history wet throughout the book give each interest and insight into however our appetites influence our brains and, and thus, our thoughts and actions. port of entry Wenk has provided a compelling and much-needed cure to normally on the market information regarding nutrients and brain operate. Readers are richly informed—as well as pleased."
—James L. McGaugh, analysis academic of biology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine

"All folks square measure compact by a unclear array of hallucinogenic medicine and foods, some being agents of abuse et al. being of importance in treating malady. Gary Wenk, a nationwide eminent neurobiologist, provides a engrossing account of the neurotransmitters that modify neurons within the brain to speak to every alternative and shows however medicine yet as substances derived from foods exert their hallucinogenic influences. Wenk features a gift for creating complicated ideas crystal clear and relating ostensibly esoteric science during a fascinating, lucid fashion—as engrossing as a whodunit. this can be a useful book for anyone United Nations agency is inquisitive about the brain and its functions."
—Solomon H. Snyder, M.D., Distinguished Service academic of neurobiology, medical specialty and psychopathology, Johns Hopkins University

—Scientific yankee MIND

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